Cr Karen Toms.
Cr Karen Toms.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, Sept 17: Apology, please Cr Toms

Apology, please

COUNCILLOR Karen Toms owes the community an unreserved written apology for her grossly offensive comments during debate on the Yamba Surf Motel development application.

I could not believe my ears when Cr. Toms made reference to the "height Nazis" at council.

This comment is outrageous from an elected official of my council.

Is there any part of the community she does not want to offend? The debate is now recorded and a matter of public record.

Does Cr. Toms have any idea of the horrific war crimes carried out against humanity by them during WW2.

Councillor Toms, I await your apology for your poorly worded reference.

John Wilcox, South Grafton



I WOULD like to congratulate the local library for there initiative and forward thinking for putting on the HSC pizza and study night - what an absolutely out-of-the-box fantastic idea and should be repeated in the years to come, no matter what the cost.

Also could we have someone else nominate for Mayor and get elected. Someone who will criticise the NSW government for there plan to sell off TAFE buildings and land in the Clarence Valley when they feel the need to, and not someone who shuts their mouth along conservative party lines, although at one stage they were an independent.

Jeff Fuller, South Grafton



THANKS so much to Thomas Macindoe for informing us that global warming science is 'crap'.

I have obviously been wasting my time reading peer reviewed articles in New Scientist, American Scientist and CSIRO, etc.

Cannot wait for Mr Macindoe to supply us with his peer-reviewed science articles.

Paul Stephen, Yamba

Roads to ruin

THE letter published Wednesday 9/9/2015 was incorrect.

When I submitted the letter on the 21/8 I was a touch uneducated. Sorry that I quoted that our rates in Grafton are $3100 and my daughter's rates in Coutts Crossing are $800, however, the 8% rate rise is only on your ordinary and base rate - ours is $1410.49.

Unfortunately we still lack representation from CV councillors and for this reason they've lost my vote.

Do you know they made local government responsible for roads in 1788 and it is still local government in 2015?

It's wrong that state and federal governments use legislative change to reclassify roads to improve their own bottom line.

Both governments use grant systems to prop up shortfalls in funding.

Isn't it like throwing a bone to a whinging dog to shut them up?

Now isn't that the typical way for governments to sort out a funding problem.

Every level of government needs to communicate and address the issue of road and bridge funding.

Gordon Smith, Grafton

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