Library repairs ruined after vandals strike again

ONE week after the Clarence Valley Council repaired a Sir Earle Page Learning and Education Centre wall after it was damaged by skateboarders, vandals have wrecked it again.

Caringa support worker Susan Polsen said she took a group of clients to the library on Monday and saw 15 holes the size of 50c pieces in the wall around the garden in front of the library's main entrance.

Ms Polsen said the holes were what was left of bolts that had been placed in to stop people skating on it.

"After only one week it has been wrecked again," she said.

"It is not the first time they have destroyed the property there; they've pulled the handrails down before."

Ms Polsen said the library was a hangout for teenagers wagging school, a practice that the Daily Examiner reported on in January.

"They are just hanging out, it is not a good look for the town."

Ms Polsen said the teenagers frequented the site to access the free wi-fi.

She said limiting the wi-fi and installing CCTV and better lighting might deter vandals.

Clarence Valley Council environment, planning and community director Des Schroder said in principle the council was opposed to limiting the wi-fi access.

"It's not believed to be what is attracting the current problem individuals," he said. "However, we have already limited wi-fi use in the Lower River in a successful attempt to reduce vandalism and litter. "We have identified the need for more CCTV cameras and are still considering best positioning."

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