Louise finds love on the road behind the wheel of Thelma

Louise Size meet her new husband John Waters while working as an escort pilot for heavy vehicles.
Louise Size meet her new husband John Waters while working as an escort pilot for heavy vehicles. Contributed

LOUISE Size thought her life couldn't get much better after she set up her successful heavy-vehicle escort business.

She was finally seeing the silver lining in life after her husband died of lung cancer in 2011.

She had set up her business as a truck driver's pilot for heavy or wide loads through the federally-funded New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

Her work involved driving her Nissan Patrol called Thelma ahead of oversized vehicles.

She was seeing some amazing countryside and meeting people from all walks of life.

But something was missing in her life.

That was until she met a Maori man named John Waters.

"I meet him in Nebo (near Mackay)," the Stanthorpe woman said.

"A week later, I went back to Nebo, which is very rare for me. And he was still there.

"We swapped numbers and then we ran into each again in Brisbane one week later.

"Those sorts of coincidences you have to take taking seriously. It blossomed from there.


"It was instant and easy."

The couple was married in July and Mr Waters has also since secured his truck piloting accreditation.

The business, Truckies Escort, has seen the couple clock up thousands of kilometres around the country.

"We spent our honeymoon driving back from Western Australia," Mrs Waters said.

"I used to think I was on top of the world but he has added a whole other layer.

"My family says he has put a smile back on my face that they thought they would never see again."

Mr and Mrs Waters will travel to Sydney on Monday after being nominated for a national award by the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme.

"We have been nominated for the biggest lifestyle change (award)," she said.

"The NEIS program hasn't just changed my life. It has given me a whole new life."

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