Plants are nature's perfect decor, adding colour, a focus and an organic structure to any room
Plants are nature's perfect decor, adding colour, a focus and an organic structure to any room iStock

Lift the look of your rooms with indoor plants

One of the biggest trends right now - and it's not going away - is all about bringing nature into our living spaces. By that, I mean blurring the lines of the outdoors and your interiors. It's also a trend that is perfect for our gorgeous climate and our Australian penchant for nature and the great outdoors, even when it comes to our homes.


A few well-placed happy looking plants can contribute to the look and feel of any room, whether it's filled with vintage clutter or minimalist furnishings.

The trick is to keep it lush and healthy, with a variety of beautiful shades of greens and textures. To succeed in your choice of plants, it is important to start with the knowledge that nature never intended plants to specifically thrive in our interiors, rather it's a case of choosing plants that can successfully cope with surviving indoors.

From terrariums, macrame-hung pots and vertical indoor gardens, it's now easier than ever to find a green solution for your indoor space. Terrariums, for instance, are easy and fun to create, just find a funky glass vessel and build a tiny garden in it with your favourite plants.

Larger indoor plants can create a dramatic visual and pleasing effect, while hanging plants are totally hip and more widely available than ever. If you do choose a variety of plants, and I suggest you do - be sure to consider the light, climate and watering the plant will require to survive interior life.

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