ARE you feeling the Christmas cheer?

People could be forgiven for being a little distracted this year by more pressing matters.

If Christmas lights are an indicator, the 'festive season' has at least been shortened in many households, if not dulled.

With an eager daughter in tow, we set forth to check out the usual hotspots in the first weekend of December. To the disappointment of a rapidly less-enthused toddler, the flashing bright lights were few and far between. Instead, the many boxes annually raided to unleash their magic remained firmly packed in dark corners of wardrobes and sheds.

Subsequent drives revealed a few late starters among us. But on the whole, it does appear many did opt out this year.

In our street the fun has only just begun. For the first time in my life I've gotten in on the act, putting up a set of fairy lights inside and out. Two neighbours across the road appear to have also caught the bug. Young (mesmerised) kids will do that to you, I've discovered.

I've started very small. But who knows - if I add a feature each year, by the time my kids are old enough to think my lights fetish is an embarrassment, my display might be impressive enough to make an appearance in The Daily Examiner's Christmas Lights Map.

While the overall Christmas light count might be down, there's still some crackers out there. Check out the best displays of 2019 in this Saturday's edition.

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