The scene of this morning's truck crash on the Logan Motorway.
The scene of this morning's truck crash on the Logan Motorway.

Lindsay Brothers mourn driver's death

LINDSAY Brothers staff are reeling after the shocking death of one of the company's drivers earlier this week.

The driver, a 57-year-old New South Wales man, died when his prime-mover with a loaded trailer attached left the Logan Motorway at Tanah Merah and travelled down an embankment late on Tuesday evening. 

Queensland Trucking Association chief executive officer Gary Mahon, who spoke to Big Rigs on behalf of the Coffs Harbour-based company, said staff were "devastated and they are distraught".

"They are devastated for the loss of their driver and particularly devastated for the family," he said.

Mr Mahon said Lindsay Brothers were providing "every support to the family".

"(Lindsays) are a very highly regarded company, very professional, run very new gear and conditions for drivers are excellent and they are just distraught," he said.

"This is a regular type of run from Coffs Harbour up to Brisbane and there was no reason to believe anything untoward would occur."

Mr Mahon said the man was driving a six-month-old truck with new trailers and had only been in the truck for four hours that day, having had a day off before his shift started on Tuesday.

"On the face of it, it's very hard to understand but we'll see what the investigation tells us," he said.

"The particularly tragic element to all of this is the vehicle has been there, the crash has occurred, and it's been 10 to 11 hours before he was discovered."

Mr Mahon said he hadn't seen a death in that specific set of circumstances except on particularly remote roads.

While he said it was "still hard to understand", he said it would be unfair to expect people to have seen the truck in the position that it was.

"When you drive over that bridge, people are doing 100km/hr, you can understand why they wouldn't have seen it. Plenty of trucks would have gone over and not seen it, sitting that bit higher. It's just terribly unfortunate."

He said neighbours were coming forward and saying they heard an "explosion or crash" but were unable to see anything and figure out what had happened.

Mr Mahon said Lindsay Brothers were assisting police with their inquiries, giving them access to the truck and its technology.

Ben Hennock, who was the third person on the scene, told Quest Newspapers he saw a "whole heap of debris over the road" and "saw some fresh scrapes on the wall and I thought 'that wasn't here yesterday when I came to work'."

"I've looked up and I've seen these two guys in the median strip and they had their hands on their heads. Just the look on their faces you knew something had happened here."

Mr Hennock told Quest Newspapers he stayed on scene while the first responders cut him from the wreckage and that there was nothing anyone could do to save him.

TWU Queensland Branch Secretary Peter Biagini is calling for all heavy vehicle accidents to be investigated as workplace accidents.

Mr Biagini has also questioned how it took so long for the truck to be found after the accident at Tanah Merah.

"How is it that a member of the public found this horrific scene before the company even knew that one of their trucks was missing?"

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