SUSPECT: This dog was seen taking two chickens from a Girards Hill residence.
SUSPECT: This dog was seen taking two chickens from a Girards Hill residence. Contributed

Is this the killer dog prowling East Lismore?

UPDATE Thursday 4pm: SPECULATION is rife in the East Lismore community about which local dogs are responsible for a series of vicious cat killings in recent days.

It has also been revealed that one of the dogs responsible may have killed two chickens last week.

Girards Hill resident Lisa Krause has had several encounters with a large brown dog which last Sunday took and killed two of the household's chickens.

Ms Krause said neighbours told her how the dog walked past with "something in its mouth" and tried to chase it down the street.

"They were definitely taken by the dogs, we've got witnesses," she said.

The following day the dog brazenly returned and tried to take another chook.

It had a third bird in its mouth at the end of their driveway but Ms Krause managed to save the chicken by chasing the dog down the street.

Ms Krause's daughter Caitlin took a photo of the dog and posted it on Facebook.

It is not the only photo circulating. Another image depicts two dogs, one black, and one tan, on a nearby street.

"There's three of them running around this neighbourhood, and into the cats and the chickens," Ms Krause said.

The family has been forced to lock up their chooks for the last week and today was the first day they let them out - with great care.

Ms Krause said she wasn't happy with Lismore City Council's response to the emergency.

She said they had no contact from a council ranger since making the initial complaint early last week.

"We're still scared that our chooks and cats are going to go missing because we don't know whether it's been dealt with," she said.

"I've got pictures of the dog - isn't that enough evidence?"


ORIGINAL: A SPATE of vicious dog attacks on household cats in suburban East Lismore has already left at least five pets dead - with traumatised owners calling for revenge.

Among the victims is the pet cat of Lismore mayor Isasc Smith, as well as that of well known local real estate agent Andrew Gordon.

Mr Gordon told The Northern Star he was devastated by the violent death of his gentle former rescue cat Snuffy early Sunday morning.

He said he had invested two years of his life toward helping the once psychologically scarred cat to recover, only to see its life ripped away in an instant.

"I used to pick it up each night after dinner and breakfast and tell her 'you are safe and okay'," Mr Gordon said.

"For her to be decimated by two not fair to her (or) the community.

Mr Gordon said his surviving cat, which may have witnessed the attack, was "totally traumatised".

He said the lonely pet had been reduced to going from window to window in his home looking out for danger "every minute of the day".

Mr Gordon vowed to "have revenge given the first opportunity", while clarifying the comment did not imply vigilante action on his part, but simply reporting the dog owners to police and rangers.

There has already been reports on the Lismore Information Exchange on Facebook that the suspected pair of stray dogs have struck again this week, following at least two other confirmed kills last week.

Other cats have also been reported missing in the area.

On Tuesday February 14, Lisa Bradfield warned cat owners in Girards Hill to lock up their pets at night "as my mums cat was attacked on their front verandah over night on Sunday and died".

Then last night, Michael McBride posted that two tan dogs "just killed our cat in East Lismore".

Mr McBride warned he would exact revenge.

Mayor Isaac Smith said his cat Misty was taken from the family's front veranda in the early hours of Monday morning, February 13.

"One of the things that haunts me is hearing the attack take place," Cr Smith said, who remembered being woken by growling.

Peering out the window and recognising the outline of what appeared to be two large dogs, the mayor grabbed a stick to defend himself.

But by the time he walked outside Misty was already dead, having been dragged from the veranda to the middle of the road.

Cr Smith said he could see the dogs were there but "couldn't really make them out" as they were obscured in the shadows of a street light.

He said the loss of Misty was "devastating" for his children, particularly in such violent circumstances.

"She'd been with us for 11 years, older than some of my children and a real member of the family."

Cr Smith said feral animals could not have penetrated the suburban confines of East Lismore so concluded they were local strays going AWOL at night.

"This killing was done for sport, not for need," he said.

Yesterday afternoon Lismore City Council rangers were patrolling East Lismore hunting for the dogs.

The council's compliance coordinator Matt Kelly said rangers had spoken to some of the owners of the cats and we had expressed council's sympathy "but there is not a lot we can do without any more reliable details" of the dogs.

"We have had reports of approximately five cats that have been killed," Mr Kelly said.

"Many people are talking about this issue and we have had lots of calls, but most of what we are hearing is hearsay and many reports contradict one another.

"At this stage of the investigation we do not have any reliable reports of what breed of dog they may be or where these dogs may be coming from." 

"In order for us to take any meaningful action we urge residents to provide Council with detailed information with descriptions and locations of where the dogs reside." 

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