Little Blossom causes a stir

BLOSSOM is a small dexter cow, but she has made a big impact on breeders who think she will cast the breed in a bad light.

Owner and former registered breeder Russ Burling disagrees and is sticking to his plan to bring her to the Grafton Show.

Blossom is a certified pure-breed dexter calf, albeit the smallest he has seen.

"We had no idea that we would stir up so much feeling," Mr Burling said.

"We just wanted to have something at the show that was accessible. People are apprehensive of larger animals.

"We thought we would bring Blossom along so people would have an animal they can have a kiss and a cuddle with."

Letters and emails to The Daily Examiner from dexter breeders have expressed concern that highlighting Blossom gives the wrong impression of the breed.

Blossom and her stature dominated discussion last week on the Australian Cattle Discussion Forum (

"That dexter cattle don't need this kind of bad publicity is an understatement," one writer said.

Mr Burling was a registered member of the Australian Dexter Cattle Association until last year.

"I have had a vet around to look at Blossom, but we are waiting on test results that will come in next Thursday. If she is sick there is no way we would endanger the other animals at the show," he said.

If she gets a clean bill of health, he is keen to stick to his plan to take Blossom to the people at the show.

"Let them be the judge," he said.

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