Barry Livermore playing for Grafton 3 in the Over 50's championships.
Barry Livermore playing for Grafton 3 in the Over 50's championships. Adam Hourigan

Livermore bouncing back after on-field stroke

HOCKEY: Grafton master's hockey representative Barry Livermore has already made steps on the path to recovery after suffering a major stroke on field on the first day of the Hockey NSW Men's Masters Over 50s State Championships at Grafton on Friday.

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Livermore's son, and former Australian Kookaburra's representative, Brent flew back to Grafton from Perth to be with his dad this weekend and said it would have been a much more drastic situation if not for the fast thinking on the part of players and medical personnel at the complex.

Livermore suffered the stroke mid-way through the side's first game of the titles and it was the action of an unnamed medical professional from the opposition bench as well as the efforts of Grafton 1 player and local doctor Andrew 'Doc' Terrey that got the proud member of the hockey community the help he needed as fast as possible.

An emotional Brent showed gratitude toward the men and admitted if it wasn't for their quick thinking the chance of survival would have been very slim.

"We, as a family, are so thankful for the support shown by the hockey community and those blokes in particular," Livermore said. "Doc Terrey and a few other doctors on the field at the time - their quick thinking got oxygen in to him and got him to the hospital in such a speedy time.

"The fact that it was so quick with that support and intervention has now allowed him to have a pretty strong bounce back at this stage."

Livermore said his father was operated on overnight on Friday as doctors worked to thin a blood clot which had formed on his brain. But it was almost as soon as the intervention surgery was completed that the Grafton veteran began to show signs of recovery.

"The surgeons were able to destroy the clot as soon as they got him to the hospital," Brent said. "Thankfully once that happened within 30 minutes of the intervention he started to move and talk and now he is up and mobile.

"He is now on a long road to recovery. He will start speech therapy and physiotherapy in the coming weeks but it will definitely be a long road. It is just so amazing and we are so thankful for the quick thinking of everybody involved.

"If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't even want to think of how dad would be. You have such a small window of time after a stroke to get into action, and they did all they could. It is just amazing."

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Unsurprisingly as soon as he could speak again Livermore was requesting updates from the State championships, and his son said it will probably take an army to stop him from returning to the hockey pitch.

"He loves his hockey, and it will be bloody tough keeping him away," he said. "He was already talking about going back to work at the shop on Monday afternoon but I think he will stay in hospital a bit longer.

"He bounced back well from surgery on Saturday, so if all keeps going to plan I reckon you will see him on the hockey pitch in the near future."

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