Local transport founder dies

CROMACK Transport founder Fred Cromack died on Sunday.

The businessman was well-known in the region for his sportsmanship and his family-run transport company.

Mr Cromack was born in Grafton in 1929 and went to school in the area. He married Margaret Gray in 1952 and had two sons, Graeme and Jeff.

Mr Cromack started his transport career in 1944, using a horse and cart to deliver freight around Grafton.

By 1951 he had jointly started Cromack & Tranter Road Transport, which had more than 20 Diamond-Ts running freight out of Brisbane and Grafton.

In 1977, Mr Tranter sold his share to Mr Cromack, who turned the company into a family business.

The company, trading as Cromack Transport, now has a third generation of Cromacks working there.

The company has grown into one of the largest interstate haulage and transport businesses, incorporating branch offices and a depot in Coffs Harbour and Brisbane.

It is the longest-running transport business in Grafton.

The details of the funeral were not finalised yesterday, but will be announced shortly.

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