NSW Attorney General Brad Hazzard and Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis at the Grafton Jail.
NSW Attorney General Brad Hazzard and Member for Clarence Chris Gulaptis at the Grafton Jail.

Locals not convinced by Hazzard’s visit to Grafton Jail

ON HIS visit to the Clarence Valley, NSW Attorney General Brad Hazzard inspected the Grafton Correctional Centre and claimed the likelihood of it reopening to full-capacity was gaining traction.

But The Daily Examiner readers were quick to jump on his words and were not easily convinced.

Here's what some of you had to say on Facebook:

Sue Robson: Let me guess ....... We are due for an election ???? Promises, promises

Wendy Oliver: Should never have closed

Bob Vickers: HaHaHaHaHaHa is there an election in the wind somewhere..

Rebecca Beare-Bath: Ahh... Let me get this right...The same MP that was around when the jail was decommissioned, who was there when they sold off all the assets and made all the employees redundant is now using the 'possible' reinstatement as an election platform?

"When the use of part of (Grafton Jail) ceased three years ago, a lot of it was stripped of usable assets went to other facilities so we have to get an economic costing of what that's going to cost to reinstate those areas," he said.

"If we do go down this path I'd like arrangements where locals get priority for jobs."

Do you think Hazzard is genuine when he says the reopening of the Grafton Jail at full-capacity could be on the radar?

This poll ended on 04 February 2015.

Current Results

Hmm, I smell an election... Not at all.


The fact he came to inspect it is better than nothing.


Yes, I think he means what he says.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Peter Munce: hazzard went into my wifes work place & didnt even know where the gaol was. he had to ask directions to get there. what a joke. definitely an election spin. as heffernan said the only way it might get anywhere is if the povb make a stand but its so weak now it just wont happen. dont hold breath for local job increase either if miracles upon miracles happen and part of it opens officers from elsewhere will be transferred up. i would be surprised if any of the old ones come back as i reckon this was the way to get rid of some of the old schools out of the gaol. it will be fresh blood. not that is bad just saying.

Lynette Eggins: Election spin - beware

Steffen John: It would be great but lets believe it when we see it.

John W Heffernan: The department is making every effort to cram more inmates into the existing cells they have across the state, to this end they are in negotiation with the union to accept more inmates. Trust me, the government would rather do anything than reopen a closed centre or restore Grafton back to full operation. At this stage Hazzard is simply trying to enhance the local member's chances in the next election. He could not care less about the Clarence Valley anymore than his party did when they downgraded the centre. The only way the centre will be restored to full operation is if the correctional officers union refuses to accept more inmates in existing centres - only then will the government be forced to capitulate.

Read our coverage of Hazzard's visit, and watch a video, here: http://www.dailyexaminer.com.au/news/a-crowded-big-house-grafton-jail-plan-in-wind/2528732/

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