OPINION: Lockyer Valley Council hits battlers hard

HOW do you stop investors coming into your patch and buying up units and properties?

It's not that hard actually.

All you need to do is to signal to them that you want to rip them off for whatever you can get away with.

It's exactly what the Lockyer Valley Council has done by hitting them with a non resident home rate rise of a whopping 20%.

Understandably real estate agents in the Lockyer district are far from pleased.

While those who have bought investment properties will be upset the ones who will cop the full force of the decision are those currently renting.

The investment home owners will not just be shrugging their shoulders and saying 'oh well it's going to cost me more in rates'.

No way, they'll be saying to their property managers 'increase the rent as soon as possible'.

So the $1.3million that is estimated to come from this new rates levy will in fact not be paid by wealthy property owners, it will be paid by the people who least can afford it.

Lockyer Valley Council's money grab should be seen for what it exactly is.

And that is a tax on the battlers of the district.

If this was tried in Ipswich the mayor and his band of councillors would be lynched.

At least Lockyer Valley residents will be able to show what they think of this disgrace at the next election.

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