OPINION: Love story with a twist; but fellas, take your wife

Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline.
Blake Lively in The Age of Adaline.

Re-View with Matt Murphy, DEX columnist

SO I went and saw The Age of Adaline, a mystical, 'coming of age' romance starring Blake Lively as a woman who, after a freakish car accident and unseasonable weather, cannot age another day past 29. Yes, I did. By myself. Did I feel strange buying a ticket to this Romance film aimed at the opposite sex, sitting and watching without my wife? Yes, I did.


It wasn't half bad. Blake Lively is graceful and measured as a 107 year old woman - stuck in a 29 year olds body. And they say there are no roles for older actresses! Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford add some gravitas to the fantasy. Ford, who has been mainly gruff and bored in most things lately, finds some form and enlivens the second half of the film. Even though his presence eventually takes the spotlight off the other leading man and his character almost opens more questions about the older man/younger woman obsession in Hollywood.

Lively's Adaline is forced to hide her gift/curse by changing her identity every 10 years, and not letting herself get too close to anyone. Until she meets…

The only major flaw is the lazy exposition - a voice over at the start explaining the entire back-story in complete detail. Completely unnecessary, especially when the production and cinematography are crisp and framed beautifully like they are here. People want to enter into this fantasy world of romance - not me of course - but the minute you try to over explain what the body does at 87 degrees Fahrenheit and struck by lightning yada yada yada, to try and justify the entire plot, then the whole thing looses its "suspension of disbelief."

Overall, it really is about letting go and living your life - something you would think easy for someone permanently young and beautiful.

The question is, would I see it again? Let's just say I'll take my wife next time.

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