A GROUP of Maitland men trounced locals in the National Goanna Pulling Championships at Wooli on Sunday.

Zach Hoffman was feeling particularly sore and sorry after competing in both the tug of war and the Goanna Pulling.

But at least he'll have $300 worth of prize money tucked away after winning the men's lightweight division.

As it turns out this isn't the first time Mr Hoffman has gone to glory in the event.

"I won the fly weight division years and years ago, when I was in my teens," he said.

Hoffman a Maitland based mechanic has been a regular at Wooli's big day and attended many times to compete in the tug of war.

As things turned out his team won the event and then entered the Goanna Pulling, as individuals, in the afternoon.

On the other side of the draw was Hoffman's team mate, Stephen James.

James worked his way through the rounds and ended up against his tug of war team mate in the final.

But it proved to be Hoffman's day and he walked, or crawled away the winner.

In the other divisions the winners were Brad Milne of Tucabia in the men's heavy weight division, Alex Jefferies middleweight and Patrick Blacksell in the Tyro Division.

Cathy Black won the women's heavyweight division and Michelle Redshaw the lightweight.

The Daily Examiner will be catching up with more winners throughout the week.

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