Fullback has memorable game

GRAFTON Ghosts fullback Khan Williams is a dangerous man to forget.

In the forward-dominated, brutal tackling environment of the local league derby between the Ghosts and the Grafton Rhinos, Williams was at times a lonely spectre, waiting for the ball, or an opposing attacker to spring his way.

However, the former NRRL fullback of the year, showed yesterday why he is the last man opposing teams would want to forget about.

Williams in two moments of equal importance, but not of equal brilliance, scored two of the most defining tries of the derby.

The first was a simple run to the line to even the ledger against a Rhinos squad which was threatening to impose its ferocity and tenacity on a mistake riddled Ghosts.

The second try was a moment of genius, even if the understated Williams believe it to be nothing out of the ordinary.

“I was just telling Farrell to kick it behind the line and it was the first time he done it all season,” he said.

“I was the right person, at the right time in the right place.”