Malcolm Turnbull as a child with his dad Bruce.
Malcolm Turnbull as a child with his dad Bruce.

Malcolm Turnbull's video tribute to his dad

AS Bill Shorten seeks to woo the family vote with cash, Malcolm Turnbull's team is reaching for the heart strings paying tribute to his 'battler' dad.

In the video, Mr Turnbull speaks of the 'big brother-little brother' relationship he had with his father Bruce after his mother left him when he was nine.

"We didn't have much money, he was a hotel broker and for most of that time he was battling like a lot of people are, a lot of single parents are, certainly," the Prime Minister says.

"And he did well after a while; in the latter part of his life he ­kicked a few goals after a lot of ­effort."

He said his father taught him a lot about life and human character.

"He was incredibly loyal, very, very strong, very disciplined.

"I was the main object of everything he wanted to achieve. He was very focused on doing what was right for me."

Mr Turnbull said his father ­had always spoken in "the most glowing terms" about his mother.

"I didn't feel I missed out on anything because I had lots of love: a father who was very strong and very loyal and filled with love, who never left me in any doubt that he loved me more than anything - anything - on Earth."

Has this video changed your view of Malcolm Turnbull?

This poll ended on 14 June 2016.

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Jaycee Rose Alabanza I'm very touched, Malcolm. I feel almost sorry I've said some bad things about you. But you opened my eyes tonight. I miss my dad.

Judi Bradshaw Good to see his Dad never bagged his ex wife to his son, children should never have to suffer from a parent's bitterness.

Christopher Stear My dad battled his whole life. As a dad now I understand the sacrifices he made for me and why. Thanks PM for what is one of the most heart warming presentations I've seen. (And I miss him every day).

Voort Zork Some people criticise you because you have worked hard & achieved some wealth. This helps everyone to understand that you didn't have a privileged background & that you worked hard for everything you have achieved. it also demonstrates that you come from a functional family with good values.

My father died when I was 5 years old & my mother & I lived on the pension. She made many sacrifices to ensure that I had a good childhood & every opportunity.

I have worked hard all of my life & I have faced many difficulties. I am also a single father & I have worked two full time jobs ( a night job & a day job) to put my 3 daughters through private school & to give them the opportunities I never had.

Caroline Hong Thank you for sharing a great story of your relationship with your wonderful dad. It's a tough job being a parent, I think it's tougher than being a Chairman or Ceo of a company. And your dad did a great job as a single parent, in not only loving you.

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