Man charged for drunkenly groping flight hostess

ARRIVING early for a flight is recommended by all airlines.

Drinking scotch on the rocks for two hours prior to take off is not.

Timothy Desmond Clifton Croft, of Keppel Sands, was "heavily intoxicated" when he boarded his flight to Brisbane on April 17 at 3pm, Rockhampton Magistrates Court heard on Monday.

The court heard Croft, 39, rubbed a female flight attendant's arm and called her "gorgeous".

"When he passed a female cabin crew member he placed one hand on her left shoulder and started rubbing her arm and said 'hello gorgeous,' to her," Prosecutor Clancy Fox said.

"This made her uncomfortable as he did not have permission to touch anyone on board, especially flight staff."

He was originally seated next to an unaccompanied female minor and was asked to move seats when flight staff became concerned about his behaviour.

The court heard Croft, who had an alcohol reading of 0.218g, was eventually asked by staff to disembark the aircraft before it had taken off.

However, he did not go quietly.

Croft started yelling profanities at arresting officers and even threatened a supervisor stating if he saw the officer later he was going to "get him."

Croft was convicted on a handful of charges, including being an intoxicated person on an aircraft, disorderly behaviour on an aircraft, obstructing a Commonwealth official and assault of a member of the air crew.

Duty lawyer Joanne Madden told the court Croft, a single father of three, was remorseful for his actions.

"At the time he was in Brisbane on a short holiday," Ms Madden said.

"He got to the airport two hours early and was drinking at the bar. He has admitted to having a problem with alcohol and would like to seek help for that.

"The behaviour was unusual for him and he regrets his actions."

Magistrate Michael O'Driscoll ordered Croft to pay $1000 for each offence in recognisance. He was also ordered to two years' probation.

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