SHOT: Christopher McGrail, 45, was shot by police during a confrontation in Grafton and died in hospital.
SHOT: Christopher McGrail, 45, was shot by police during a confrontation in Grafton and died in hospital. FACEBOOK

Man shot by police identified as Grafton local

A KNIFE-wielding man shot and killed during a police stand-off on a Grafton street has been identified as Grafton man Christopher McGrail.

The father of four allegedly confronted police with a knife when they arrived at a unit on Turf St just before 3.45pm yesterday, following reports of a disturbance.

An officer discharged a taser and OC spray was deployed before the 45-year-old was shot.

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He was taken to Grafton Base Hospital in a critical condition, and was airlifted to Gold Coast University Hospital where he died.

It is known that Mr McGrail had a criminal history, and also suffered personal tragedy in 2015 when his teenage son Clinton McGrail-Skinner, a popular Grafton Ghosts Under-18s footballer, took his own life.

Previous stories written by The Daily Examiner reveal that in January 2013, Mr McGrail was jailed for domestic violence related assaults and a police chase through Grafton.

Less than a year ago, the 45-year-old was granted bail after he faced Grafton Local Court charged with supplying methylamphetamine, possession of a prohibited drug and possession of a large sum of money believed to have been obtained dishonestly.

He was also in court at that time to have a Community Service Order for driving whilst disqualified revoked, in part due to his violent behaviour towards CSO staff.

The NSW Court List Registry indicates he was due to reappear in Grafton Local Court in a week's time, on unknown charges and in relation to an Apprehended Violence Order.

Mr McGrail's last Facebook post, written at 5.36am on August 3, offered a glimpse into his thoughts on police in the lead up to yesterday's confrontation.

"U in blue how true r u aiding and abetting those u dispise yet u deal your lies and shun the 1 who blows the whistle "SERVE AN PROTECT" is about u not 4 the greater good of which is swept away!!! Its us an them are the whispers behind closed doors u bashd a boy whos now a man on problem.. Satan holds his hand."

A post on his wall two hours earlier said "F*** the 5 0 and their corruption."

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In light of Mr McGrail's death, a critical incident team is now investigating all circumstances surrounding the incident. That investigation will be subject to independent review.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information in relation to this incident is asked to phone CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000.

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