Man tasered outside nightclub after lifting cop

A 22-YEAR-OLD man who had to be tasered outside the Zodiac nightclub after lifting a police officer off the ground with one arm has been fined after appearing in court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Clancy Fox told Rockhampton Magistrates Court that police were forced to deploy a taser because they had no other way to control Clayton Barnes due to his size and strength.

Barnes towered over his defence lawyer as the details of his offence from May 9 were read out.

The court heard that at 2.30am Barnes and a friend were evicted from the Zodiac nightclub, and once outside the police spoke to his friend and began to arrest him.

Barnes tried to interfere by grabbing the police officer's arms and yelling at them to let his friend go.

Police warned him several times to stop touching them, before moving to arrest him too.

Two officers grabbed Barnes by the arms, but he became aggressive and kept straightening out his arms as they tried to put them behind his back.

Barnes even managed to lift one of the officers up into the air just by moving one of his arms.

Due to his size and strength, one of the officers bought out a taser and told Barnes not to move, but he kept coming towards them.

The officer tried to deploy the taser but it failed, causing Barnes to laugh and continue moving forward.

The officer fired it again and hit Barnes, which sent him falling to the ground.

Magistrate Cameron Press told Barnes his was a serious charge, and said, "police shouldn't have to pull out their tasers to control people".

However, his defence lawyer told the court in all her years as a lawyer Barnes was one of the few people who had impressed her with his general remorse, and the offence was out of character.

He was fined $1000 in total, with no conviction recorded.

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