Manners! Garage sales have turned into battlegrounds

GRAFTON resident Lisa Crispin says there is something about a garage sale that turns civil people into raving lunatics.

A prime example was two weeks ago when her elderly neighbour threw what she thought would be a quiet community sale.

"The scavengers started lining up at the gate at 6am - she didn't open the gates until 8am, as advertised," Ms Crispin said.

When her neighbour finally opened the gate, a man backed his truck straight into her driveway.

Ms Crispin said he then opened the shed door, which was clearly marked as being out of the sale bounds, and without asking permission, started to load the contents into his trailer.

"She understandably went ballistic and told him to put it all back and get out of the shed," Ms Crispin said.

"We could see it all from our window."

With only her son to help at the sale, Ms Crispin said someone managed to steal a bracelet in the confusion.

"She was pretty stressed out about the whole thing, it wasn't pleasant for her," she said.

Ms Crispin, too, has some horror stories but to combat people turning up early at her sales, she said she only advertised the street name, not the number, so people didn't know which house to stake out and could only see where the sale was once the doors opened.

"I just want to see some common courtesy and respect," she said.

"You're going into someone's private property.

"The invitation is there because you're going to a garage sale, but you still have to show respect."

Excessive haggling is another thing Ms Crispin believes needs to be reined in.

"I had three stainless steel yabby pumps out for $20, which is a bargain, and someone offered me $1 thinking he was going to get it."

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