Editorial - Thursday, April 10: Many years from now

LOOKING back 50 years to the impact of Beatlemania on Australia, hopefully we can gather some confidence the world can deal with the tidal wave of change we're facing now.

In 1964 the arrival of the Fab Four on our shores appeared to signal the end of the world for a significant section of the population.

Even though mass communications were nothing like they are now, you couldn't get away from the influence of their music and the cultural changes they brought with them.

Even kids in Gilgandra (where I was in kindergarten at the time) were walking home from school singing "She Loves You, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah".

And my groovy dad, who was in a band called The Barley Boys that performed at local dances donned a plastic Beatles wig during performances.

The thing was, the world didn't go to hell in a hand basket. The songs of John, Paul, George and Ringo are now regarded as classics and have become the subject of serious study.

And instead of the long hair and relaxed attitudes leading to a moral collapse, they proved to be a welcome antidote to an uptight era of closed minds and double standards.

Not everything turned out for the best.

The fate of John Lennon, gunned down by a madman outside his New York apartment building, was a tragic reminder not everyone thought all you needed was love.

The Beatles demonstrated anything worthwhile will last and the worries fade away.

In time we will learn many of the things that we worry about now weren't worth effort.

Tim Howard

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