Tahlia Marsh in action.
Tahlia Marsh in action.

Marsh has her eyes on BMX gold

BMX: Tahlia Marsh admits to getting nervous before any of her races, and said there was a few extra jitters when she lined up for her first race as a member of the NSW state team last weekend.

However, as usual, when the gates opened, she raced down the track, putting in a first-time performance she said she was pleased with.

And now that's she's got a look at the top-level of competition, her ambitions to get to the top of sport have only increased.

"I got third in my age group, and I made the open final and placed sixth,” she said. "To get to that final I had three motos and I had to get into the top four.”

This is Marsh's first year with the state side after an excellent run of junior events, including competing at world junior titles.

The competition was the first of the national series held at Sydney Olympic Park, a track Marsh hadn't ridden before but enjoyed.

"It was a really fun track. There were a couple of technical things that made it hard for a couple of riders to get over,” she said.

"In the open competition, it was harder and faster. It's pretty much a mini Australian titles, a lot of the girls I'll race at the Australian titles are here.

"Previously there's usually a couple of girls who are really hard competition, but now there are just gates and gates full of them.”

Marsh said she was one of the youngest girls to line up for the open final and the result was absolutely huge and gave her confidence for the future.

"It gives me confidence that I can move up the tree. I just take video, take it all on, train on my weaknesses and beat the girls in front or go closer next time,” she said.

And with BMX still a part of the Summer Olympics program, the lure to go for gold was as large as ever.

"I'm not eligible to qualify for 2020, as I'll only be 17, but it's definitely something to aim for in 2024,” she said.

"I'll see how I go in the next couple of years, if I can keep getting the results.

"It's such a great adrenaline rush, it makes me so happy to right.

"It might have stopped me hanging out with my friends as much as I'd like, but I wouldn't change a thing.”

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