Ploy to lure tourists to Gladstone region with 'meteorite'

PROPEL: The 3m metre Donna Marcus sculpture installed at Gladstone Airport.
PROPEL: The 3m metre Donna Marcus sculpture installed at Gladstone Airport. Mike Richards GLA290415SCULPTURE

GLADSTONE mayor Matt Burnett has welcomed "meteorite chasers" to our region with open arms.

On Facebook he took the news as an opportunity to promote the Gladstone region, slipping a link to tourism information into a tongue-in-cheek post.

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"Think we might have found it?" he wrote, referring to the Propel artwork at Gladstone airport that resembles a meteorite.

"Well, not sure what it was or wasn't, but for all the meteorite chasers on their way to the Gladstone region here is a link for more information on accommodation, restaurants and popular local destinations.

"The latest rumours are the meteorite hit between Agnes Water and Tannum Sands."

"That's a fair area to search but you are all welcome to visit the Gladstone region."

Mr Burnett said he would post the link to the Gladstone Area Promotion Development Ltd (GAPDL) website. He's glad he did too, with the post racking in more than 14,000 views.

"If it was a meteorite and someone finds it, we want it," Mr Burnett said. "We'll put it in our gallery and lock it up. I'm sure plenty of scientists would love to have it too."

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