TIME has ran out for two of McLachlan Park's camphor laurel trees, with their removal expected in the coming days as part of the park's contentious redevelopment.

Security fencing was erected around the southern end of the park today to mark the beginning of the next phase of the project by Clarence Valley Council.

Great Maclean Community Action Group spokeswoman Nicki Holmes said it was disappointing to see the removal of the heritage trees.

"I'm depressed, disgusted, disappointed and thoroughly fed up that council aren't listening to what people want, we certainly don't want to lose these trees," she said.

"After all that time fighting and trying to save the trees it's come to this."

Ms Holmes said she believed the Maclean community doesn't want to see the trees removed.

"I don't know how carefully everything has been thought through," she said.

"We are obviously disappointed but I think we've tried everything possible over the last few years and nothing has seemed to work, and because the camphor laurel trees are weeds there's no government department that can help.

"I think the park doesn't need to be developed. There are things that need to be done but not what's being planned."

The latest Clarence Valley Council business paper outlines the plan to remove the two most southern camphor laurel trees once a substantial amount of work on the new toilet block has been completed.

Clarence Valley Council works and civil director Troy Anderson said works would require the closure of the section between the car park and existing pontoon and the periodic closure of the car park to allow for deliveries.

"Access to all other areas of the park and pedestrian access along River St will be maintained until further notice," he said.

Mr Anderson said work on the park's new toilet block at the northern end, which started last month, were progressing well.

"All the concrete block work is done and the roofing will start either later this week or early next week," he said.

"The weather has been kind to us and we're on schedule."

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