Council decides fate of Yamba intersection

The Daily Examiner journalist Caitlan Charles is on the scene of the Clarence Valley Council extraordinary meeting to determine the fate of the ongoing Yamba traffic lights debate in this rolling coverage special.

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Motion is carried with only Cr Lysaught and Cr Baker against.



Cr Richie Williamson spoke in favour of the resolution, because he felt like council needed to 'get on with it'.
"Councillors,  the round about is the only option in reach and we do have an obligation to get on with the job."

"While its not the safest option available to the council, it is the option available to the council. We need to crack on with the design of the roundabout." 



Cr Jason Kingsley stands by his decision to support the traffic light. He said his decision is in the interest of safety.
He added that in response to a community members question: "how would you like it in your town".

Cr Kingsley said that Grafton will have traffic lights in the near future. "at the corner of Clarence and pound post construction of the Grafton bridge, my interest here is in the interest of public safety. 




Cr Greg Clancy said this non-conforming roundabout is a good option for council:

This is the most sensible approach, we don't want traffic lights, we don't want a major traffic light and we could always reconsider in 5,10 years time. No great rush... non-conforming roundabout is a good option.

Its all go go go, its look like west Yamba is going and there is all this development...the reality is we are suffering the effects of climate change and how that will impact Yamba in the future.



Cr Lysaught speaks against Cr Tom's motion because he believes if they are not going to install traffic lights they should not be voting for a 'band-aid' round about.

They should be installing the full $3.5m roundabout to fix the issue long-term.  



CR TOMS: This is a compromise for those councillors who could not stomach the $3.5m. 



CR Arthur Lysaught asks if the roundabout proposed in the motion will protect pedestrians to the length that $3.5m roundabout would have?

Works and civil director Troy Anderson says that would need to be considered in the planning process. 



The motion is rescinded in a 5-4 vote - with Cr Ellem, Toms, Novak, Clancy and Simmons voting for rescission

Now, Cr Tom's new motion will be put before the council (see motion below)



CR Simmons requests the members of the public in the gallery remain quiet otherwise they will have to be removed from the chamber.



CLANCY: Basically it's a no-brainer, the people that live in these areas need to have strong say in developments like this. They don't have to have 100% say… in this case, we have heard them. 



ELLEM: August 42th 5/4 resolution was in my view such a flawed decision. It demanded a full rethink - there is a such a determined push for a signalised intersection at the gateway to one of Australia's most popular seaside town. 

The gallery claps as Cr Peter Ellem slams the decision council made. 

Let common sense prevail over lunacy

 - Ellem


Councillors are discussing how they will deal with the motion. They will likely discuss the motion in two different parts. 

Cr Tom's motion has changed since the rescission motion was lodged.



That Council: 

Rescind Part 2 and 3 of resolution 15.134/18 on Yamba Road/Treelands Drive Intersection Upgrade. 

And replace with:

2. Adopt a non-conforming roundabout with an estimated cost of us to $500,000 as described in the last paragraph on Page 34 of the Planit Traffic Impact Assessment Report for the intersection at Yamba Road and Treelands Drive Yamba.

3. Complete the detailed design for the non-conforming roundabout at the intersection of Treelands Drive and Yamba Road.



"What would happen if we approved this is we would be compromising the integrity of council and bringing the council into disrepute."

 - Cr Baker


CR Baker calls new point of order, suggesting that the motion is out of order under the rules and regulations of the office of local government



Groans from the audience as Cr Andrew Baker calls Cr Toms motion out of order due to it not being the same as what was presented as a rescission motion.

Claps as Simmons turns down point of order.



THE gallery of the Maclean Clarence Valley Council chambers is packed with more residents entering by the minute. One sign held by a woman in the front row reads "Say NO to traffic lights". 


***CORRECTION: Part of Cr Greg Clancy's quote was missing in the 2:45pm update of this story. It has now been updated. 



Fresh signs have been peppered around Yamba in protest of a proposal to install traffic lights at a congested intersection:

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