Men accused of plotting vicious terrorist attack in Sydney

TWO Sydney men who faced court on Wednesday have been accused of plotting to carry out a vicious terrorist attack on Australian soil.

Omar al-Kutobi, 24, and Mohammad Kiad, 25 were arrested in Fairfield in Sydney's west on Tuesday afternoon.

They appeared in court on Wednesday charged with undertaking acts in preparing or planning a terrorist act.

The two did not leave the Fairfield Local Court cells on Wednesday. The matter was later transferred to Thursday's Central Local Court sitting due to tighter security and video link capabilities.

Police raided their house on Tuesday afternoon after receiving information alleging the pair was planning to carry out a terror attack yesterday. They were not under surveillance before the raid.

New South Wales Police Deputy Commissioner Catherine Burn alleged police found a homemade Islamic State flag, a machete, a hunting knife and a video allegedly of a man talking about the planned attack.

She said police believed the two were planning to carry out an attack - using the knife - on Tuesday afternoon but where stopped due to the raid.

Ms Burn would not confirm if police would allege the pair was planning to behead a victim on camera.

She said police were continuing their investigations, including establishing if the pair had links with IS representatives.

Ms Burn said the raid and arrest showed police readiness to act on credible information.

"We are not just watching," she said.

"We are ready, willing and more than able to respond to disrupt the plans of those who think they can engage in what can only be described as hideous offences so strongly opposed by the community."


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