MONKEY ON HIS BACK: Men are going to great lengths to hide their hairy capes.
MONKEY ON HIS BACK: Men are going to great lengths to hide their hairy capes. hedgehog94

Men need to know that it's ok to grow

WHEN the UN meets to discuss issues that affect people around the world, fleeing persecution because of a preference for having a hairy back is not often on the list.

But as someone who wears a hairy cape with pride, I believe there is a subtle push to shame men with hairy backs into hiding.

This insidious movement has been growing in influence all around the world and will have people believe that hairy backs are but a throwback to the times of our ape-like ancestors.

So I want men everywhere to know, it's OK to grow.

I am often stopped on the street by strangers who want to know why I don't shave, they want to know how I am so comfortable in my own coat?

My reply is always that we should not be embarrassed about the furry cards that we have been dealt, we should accept it as part of who we are.

But it wasn't always like this for me, many hairy men have been teased, bullied and shamed into feeling self-concious about their lot and I am no different.

When I was in my early teens, a group of friends and I took a trip to Manly beach for the day and proceeded to strip down and apply sunscreen like the good boys we were.

When it came time to apply it to each others backs', a good friend of mine made fun of my hairy back and announced to the group that there was "no way he would be touching that”.

Mildly hurt, I just walked away and spent the day burning a friend-shaped hole into my back instead of standing up for myself.

With this type of attitude common among my hairless peers it is no wonder that the removal of back hair has become increasingly en-vogue.

Readers of Men's Health Magazine are treated a step-by-step guide on how to deal with unwanted back hair and they fall clearly on the side of the anti-back hair brigade.

"To bring sexy back, depilation is mandatory. Which may explain why back waxes are the most popular hair removal treatments for men.”

Yes, I too had to look up the definition of depilation (it means hair removal) but I was a little offended at the thought of having to shave in order to be sexy.

Comfort is another reason given for keeping ones back smooth, but obviously no one at Men's health has had the pleasure of riding around on a horse with the wind blowing through their (back) hair.

A quick search of back hair removal products on offer takes you down a rabbit hole filled with all sorts of waxes, creams, razors and my personal favourite - the Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver.

This wonderful device looks like a cross between an electric razor and a cattle prod and enables men to shave their own backs if they can't find a friend to do it for them.

There are even purpose built shaving wands like the BakBlade for the frugal man looking to save money on those rising electricity bills.

This whole industry has been created off the back of (pardon the pun) telling men that back hair is something they should be ashamed of, something akin to saying that women's legs and armpits should always be smooth.

There needs to be an open and honest discussion about what type of world we want the next generation of super-hairy men to grow up in.

Who wants their children growing up in a world where smooth-backed overlords subjugate and enslave their hairy fellow man?

So to the younger Gen-Y and Gen-Z folk who are deciding whether or not to get rid of this new hair, I say no. I say take pride in that hair and get creative!

After all, whose Grandma wouldn't be thrilled if she saw you at the beach with "I love my nan” shaved into your back?

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