Grafton Base Hospital.
Grafton Base Hospital.

Minister gives clean bill of health to system

NEW South Wales Health Minister Jillian Skinner held up the latest Bureau of Health report on hospital waiting times as proof the sector is working better than ever.

The report shows patients are moving through emergency rooms quicker than at the last election, but the system is still falling well short of the mark set by the Federal Government.

On average, 73% of emergency patients are treated and released within four hours - well below the Commonwealth's minimum benchmark of 90%.

New South Wales has set a more modest target of 81%. Grafton Hospital's figures were on-par with the state average of 73%, while Ballina (81%) and The Tweed (82%) hospitals had performed better.

Lismore Hospital was one of the state's worst performers. Only 68% of emergency patients received completed treatment within four hours.

Wait times

Emergency departments (out within four hours)

 Lismore - 68%

 Grafton - 73%

 Ballina - 81%

 The Tweed - 82%




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