Mitch's skills put to the test

EVERY Tuesday Mitch Donovan is perfectly at ease standing in front of a crowd to sell cattle, but this time next week, the stakes will be much higher.

Mitch, 22, is one of 10 young auctioneers across NSW who has been selected to compete in the State Young Auctioneers competition, to be held at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney next Thursday.

If he takes out the top prize or runner up, he will go on to compete for the national title at next year's show.

“It's something that I've always wanted to do, just because it's part of the job and I want to see how I perform against other young fellas in the State,” he said.

“It's for the experience as well.”

Although Mitch has plenty of experience calling the sales at Grafton's weekly sales, he admitted his nerves were building in the lead up to the competition.

There won't be much room for error, with competitors judged on diction, values, voice and manner, with judges looking for an entrant with their own presence and unique style.

Competitors will sell three steers each as part of the process, as a panel of judges and hordes of spectators look on.

“There are plenty of nerves all right, but you have to have a lot of confidence,” he said.

“It wouldn't be much good if you got there and didn't open your mouth.”

Mitch got his first taste of auctioneering at a young age, starting out with clearing sales at the family business Ray Donovan from the age of 15. He went on to occasionally call Tuesday sales and now is a permanent fixture, selling cattle every week.

Mitch said auctioneering had enabled him to build relationships with the clients who came to the sales every week.

“It wouldn't be much good if you got there and didn't open your mouth.”

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