Editorial - Friday, May 9: Mollycoddling kids risky

I DON'T have kids of my own, nor do I claim to be any sort of expert in raising children.

But what I do know, is that I lived a good childhood.

My brother and I weren't bubble-wrapped or spoon-fed.

We were allowed to live our own lives and to learn our own lessons, and for that I am forever thankful.

When I heard the pecan trees at Grafton Public School were to be cut down, I was astounded. At what point will we stop mollycoddling the younger generation?

I hear constant complaints from older people, claiming that us young ones have "no commonsense".

Dare I suggest that's because kids spend most of their lives in front of a screen and not enough time outside in the real world, learning real-life lessons.

But apparently the "real world" is becoming far too dangerous for young Johnny, and instead we're raising kids in the safe environment of their lounge room.

An environment where they can't learn about risks and consequences.

My brother and I attended Grafton Public School.

One of my fondest memories of school was lunchtime, when we'd go down to the gully and sit under the pecan trees.

We'd play with whatever toy or gizmo was the latest craze, and we'd crack open the pecan nuts and eat them.

It was heart-breaking to read the story of eight year-old Bridget Wright's death after she was pinned beneath a limb of a tree at Pitt Town Public School in February.

But the knee-jerk reaction of chopping down trees in school yards is nonsensical, especially considering many of our local students travel on the perilous Pacific Hwy every day to get to school.

We should not stifle kids to the point they have no responsibilities and then expect them to grow into self-sufficient adults.

JoJo Newby

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