'Mongrel bastard' slays duck family

A FAMILY of wood ducks crossing Fitzroy St, Grafton, was decimated by a motorist yesterday morning much to the horror of other drivers who had stopped to let the birds cross.

Sue Dawson of Waterview Heights said two adult ducks and possibly up to 18 ducklings were crossing the road near KFC about 9.40am and the two cars in front of her as she came off the bridge had slowed.

"They were so gorgeous, I had never seen so many in one family," she said.

"They went to the other side of the road and I was watching and this bloke was edging closer and closer to them, he was driving slowly and I know he saw them, but he just kept on driving and ran them over - I couldn't believe it.

"I know I shouldn't have but I put down the window and yelled out 'you mongrel bastard'.

"He drove off as if to say 'oh well bad luck'.

Ms Dawson described the scene left behind as carnage that she could hardly bare to witness.

She said quite a few of the ducklings appeared to be squashed and dead with many others injured and flapping about including one of the adult birds.

"The other (adult) duck was beside itself just squawking to get the other ducks off the road," she said.

"There was a woman there, a good Samaritan who looked like she was going to help them, but where I was I couldn't stop the car and get out.

"I could see the fellow behind me in the ute was devastated."

Ms Dawson described the offending driver as a man in his late 50s or early 60s who was driving a beige sedan.

She said she brought the story to The Examiner to let the public know that there were some cruel people out there and to possibly identify the driver so he could be shamed.

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