More ammo for coastal weeds battle

THE on-going battle to restore vegetation along the Clarence Coast has been given a shot in the arm with more funding to ease the problem between Sandon and Wooli.

The financial ammunition has been supplied to Yuraygir Landcare, in partnership with Clarence Valley Council and the National Parks and Wildlife Service. The funding comes from the 2012/13 Community Action Grants Program as part of the Caring for Our Country scheme.

Yuraygir Landcare Co-ordinator Dennis Milne said the grant of $12,520 will help his organisation continue the work it has been doing on the foreshore for the past 15 years - removing weeds and planting native species.

"Minnie Water is a small community of mainly retired residents and these grants help engagement of contractors to assist the group complete parts of the project which is beyond their capacity," Mr Milne said.

"National Parks and Wildlife Service, Clarence Valley Council, Yuraygir Landcare and Sandon to Wooli Community Nursery will all be directly involved in planning, considering best practice and supervising the on-ground work."

CVC General Manager, Scott Greensill said the planting of native beach species will accumulate wind-blown sand - increasing the volume of sand on the beach and assist to protect the main dunes from erosion.

"Planting on the frontal dune will trap and retain wind-blown sand, allowing the roots to help hold the sand," he said.

"The woodland species - especially Banksias - are an important seasonal food and shelter species for birds and animal species. The rainforest species are also an important food source. Increasing canopy cover will help prevent some weeds from germinating, thus serving as weed control."

Dennis Milne said that by planting diverse species, the Landcare group was helping to improve the condition of the vegetation, which provides a supply of food and cover for an extended range of native fauna.

Anyone wanting to help in the project or join Yuraygir Landcare can contact Dennis Milne on
6649 7993.

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