More support for abattoir workers' case

ONE of the sacked Grafton abattoir workers has received information a second solicitor has offered to step in and take-up the workers' fight.

Paul Windler said he had heard that a solicitor based in Western NSW was preparing to assist the sacked workers in the pursuit of their unpaid termination entitlements.

Late yesterday afternoon, Mr Windler was handed the name and mobile telephone number of the solicitor and was attempting to contact him.

Meanwhile, Mr Windler said he had been informed by 'insiders' that abattoir owner Stuart Ramsey wasn't the least bit concerned by the Workplace Ombudsman's investigation into the sacked workers, or their political supporters.

“The only person that seems to want to jump in arms swinging is (Federal MP) Bronwyn Bishop,” he said.

Mr Windler said he, Bronwyn Bishop and a senior representative from the Australian Tax Office had a three-way telephone conversation about the workers' terminations.

He said Mrs Bishop offered to take on the matter on behalf of the sacked workers.

However, the sacked workers discussed the matter and decided to leave it to Page MP Janelle Saffin 'for now'.

“I contacted the other blokes but we decided to leave it to Janelle for now because she's our local MP and we'll see what happens,” he said.

Mr Windler also said he was informed the Grafton abattoir was for sale with a price tag of $15 million.

A spokesperson for the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations, Julia Gillard said the matter was an ongoing operational one for the Workplace Ombudsman and as a result it would be inappropriate for the Minister to comment at this time.

  • The Daily Examiner attempted to contact the solicitor, but could not confirm if he had made an offer to assist the sacked workers

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