Morgan dances towards success

HAVING danced almost every day for nine weeks straight, you would think Morgan Holt would want a break from it. Instead, the full-time Sydney dance student is back in Grafton to compete in the eisteddfod.

Performing on stage at South Grafton High School in front of an adjudicator is second nature to the 18-year-old, who has been competing in eisteddfods since before she can remember.

“I am always either competing here or I’ll come and watch, no matter what,” she said.

“I came out on groups’ day – and I wasn’t performing – to watch and help out. It was so good to see everyone. There are people from Brisbane that I only get to see during the eisteddfod, so it is always good to catch up,” Morgan said.

Making the move to Sydney was tough for the young dancer, but now she has been down there for a little over two months, and has gotten used to the Sydney public transport system, she feels it was a good move to make.

“I live in Homebush and Urban (dance school) is in Glebe. It takes an hour, two walks, a train ride and a bus ride but it is so worth it. Exhausting but worth it,” she said.

“Since I have been home, my ridiculously sore and overstretched body is starting to relax and realize that it doesn’t have to be dancing every single minute. It’s a great feeling.”

Being in the big smoke has changed Morgan’s outlook on dance. She now sees it as a career and a lifestyle.

“I do it full-time now and you have to think of it as a lifestyle or there is no way you are going to make it as a dancer,” she said.

“You have to have that train of thought if you are going to be training for hours a day and pushing your body to the limit for every second that you are training.

“Everyone who thinks that they want to be a dancer should go away and experience the lifestyle because it completely changes your mindset.”

Moving away from the Clarence changed Morgan’s outlook on the commercial world of dance and provided her with countless opportunities she would never see in Grafton.

In the past nine weeks, Morgan has worked with world-renowned choreographers who have worked with So You Think You Can Dance USA and Australia, Lady GaGa’s choreographer and members of pop group The Pussy Cat Dolls.

“I really do love Grafton, but down there, last week our school shot a music video and in the next few weeks we will be doing a show for Sydney TAFE. Their design students have made a few of us cabaret costumes so we will be performing in them, which is pretty exciting.”

In the long run, Morgan hopes to continue her work in film clips and possibly head to the high seas performing on cruise ships and travelling the world.

“I would love to be an adjudicator. The youngest adjudicator I have danced under is 26. I don’t know if I will have enough experience by that age but it is something to aspire to,” she said.

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