Mother-of-three jailed for $180 theft

A GRAFTON woman has appealed the severity of her sentence after she was jailed for 12 months for stealing $180 cash from a wallet.

Sarah Jayne Casson, of Villiers Street, accepted her sentence on Monday with a shrug of her shoulders before being led out of the court by corrective services officers.

The jeans-clad young mum had earlier pleaded guilty to a charge of larceny after she admitted the theft to police.

The incident happened when the 24-year-old was playing poker machines at Grafton's Clocktower Hotel.

Casson noticed another player had left his wallet behind and slipped it down the back of her pants before leaving the hotel.

She removed $180 cash and left the wallet and cards in Jacaranda Park. The money was used to buy alcohol at hotels around Grafton.

Casson was charged after the owner of the wallet returned to the hotel and notified management of his loss.

The manager checked security footage, which showed Casson taking the wallet.

Casson's solicitor Susan Deece said the mother-of three had alcohol issues for which she had tried to get help.

But magistrate Kim Pogson said Casson had numerous convictions for dishonesty offences and it was now appropriate for her to go to jail.

“I don't know how many times you have come before the court for stealing, but it is in excess of 10,” he said.

“It seems that you keep on stealing, but you don't do anything to stop your behaviour.”

He sentenced her in Grafton Local Court to 12 months jail with a non-parole period of nine months.

Casson lodged a sentence severity appeal with the District Court, which will be heard in a future sitting.

Her jail sentence was stayed until the appeal has concluded.

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