Motorists won't be fooled by fuel prices due to new standard

The State Government has introduced a new NSW fuel price information standard that came into effect on Sunday.
The State Government has introduced a new NSW fuel price information standard that came into effect on Sunday. Trevor Veale

KNOWING the real price of petrol before you pull into a service station has been made simpler.

The State Government has introduced a new NSW fuel price information standard that came into effect on Sunday.

Prior to bringing in the new legislation, the State Government found through a NSW Fair Trading survey of 1300 people last year that 90 per cent of drivers want fuel prices displayed by service stations to be free of any special terms and conditions that apply to discounted fuel.

"Sixty per cent of drivers believed they had been misled by a fuel retailer's signage at some point," Coffs Harbour member Andrew Fraser said.

"For too long consumers have been confused and even misled by fuel price boards.

"NSW motorists deserve better than this and under the Liberals and Nationals Government they will receive transparency and greater consumer protection at the bowser.

"I strongly urge all fuel retailers in the Coffs Harbour area to ensure they are compliant with the new fuel price regulations," Mr Fraser said.

Mr Fraser said the Government's reforms will benefit Coffs Harbour motorists because specific localised price information is now compulsory.

"As of September 1, all service stations in NSW must display the real price of fuel, free of any discounts or special offers such as supermarket shopper dockets," Mr Fraser said.

Mr Fraser explained if a station sells up to four fuels, the undiscounted price of all four fuels has to be displayed.

He added in situations where a station sells more than four fuels, the signs must display the prices of at least four, including their two top-selling fuels, LPG and diesel.

"The two top-selling fuels are the types of fuel that have the highest sales volumes in the immediately preceding six months, and are usually unleaded varieties," the local member said.

"By basing the standard on the volume sold at each particular service station, the Government is ensuring that price boards are reflective of the local marketplace.

"Service stations will also be required to display the octane rating of E10, regular unleaded, and premium unleaded petrol at the pump.

"These reforms ensure local price transparency, so motorists can compare apples with apples."

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