$2.5m car park to replace spaces

A MULTI-level car park costing an estimated $2.5 million is being considered to provide the additional car-parking spaces needed to accommodate a new supermarket in Cameron Park, Maclean.

In July this year the Clarence Valley Council agreed to sell part of the car park to Metcash/IGA for $2.5million for the development of an inline supermarket, but the construction will cut the number of available car-parking spaces.

The council's deputy general manager Rob Donges said there were 142 parking spaces in the existing park.

The developer had agreed to provide 100 spaces, which is 33 more than it was required to provide, but the Maclean CBD would still have a parking shortfall of 109 spaces.

At a meeting of the council's civil and corporate committee on Tuesday, councillors considered a range of options to provide those spaces.

In his report Mr Donges said investigations into providing additional street parking showed potential for an extra 15 spaces in Argyle St, six in McLachlan St and a further six in Stanley St, for a total of 27 spaces.

Another 21 spaces could be available behind the library, which left a shortfall of 61 spaces.

Mr Donges said one option was to construct a single-level car park above part of the existing ground-level parking.

He said about 20 spaces would be lost through construction through the provision of ramps and columns, meaning an above-ground park would need to accommodate about 80 parking spaces with a floor area of 1680 square metres and an estimated cost of $2.5 million.

"A more precise cost estimate to be provided by a structural engineer," he said.

Committee members supported a recommendation to engage an independent consultant to negotiate the possible purchase of private sites.

Those sites were listed in confidential attachments to the council's business paper.

The council previously ruled out providing parking on the green space in Cameron Park.

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