Mystery surrounds rowing medal

A GOLD medal awarded to James Prior’s father in 1910 holds special memories – he is just trying to fill in the blanks around its existence.

It was exactly 100 years yesterday since John Prior received the Australian Day medal for winning the open gladstone skiff race over one mile.

Details are sketchy if the name of the event is correct but to James Prior it matters little.

The exact origin of the medal is unsure but Prior believes it was won at the Grafton Rowing Club and was emotional at the thought of having his father’s deeds recognised a century on.

The medal is labelled with the letters GRC.

“According to the engraving on the medal, he won the open gladstone skiff, but their may be some debate about that,” says Prior. “It is a beautiful gold medal showing two crossed oars and was awarded by the GRC, which I presume is the Grafton Rowing Club.” Prior says his wife wears the medal proudly on a neck chain. “I’m not sure, but I think my father may have been a policeman in Grafton,” he says.

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