VALLEY RAIDS: RSPCA raided some Lockyer Valley properties.
VALLEY RAIDS: RSPCA raided some Lockyer Valley properties. Peter Wilson

Neighbour hits back at 'direct' puppy farm raids

NEIGHBOURS of property owners raided by the RSPCA are hitting back with allegations of their own after raids last week that netted 78 dogs that the welfare organisation said was a large-scale puppy farm operation.

"They went direct to the kennel which held the babies. They knew what they wanted," Caroline Lindenburg, a member of the Lockyer Kennel Club, and neighbour of one of the raided properties, said.

"They took approximately 48 pups. What would happen if anybody else took that amount of stock from a business? You are probably looking at a minimum of $48,000 of lost income."

The raids took place in the Lockyer Valley on Tuesday last week.

RSPCA chief inspector Daniel Young said numerous welfare concerns were identified with many of the dogs.

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Some of the concerns included untreated medical conditions, confined or inappropriate conditions without adequate socialisation, enrichment and exercise.

In its official statement, the RSPCA said 'the occupants of the properties appear to be involved in a large scale intensive breeding operation in conjunction with one another'.

Mrs Lindenburg said only two of the properties were large-scale commercial breeders with lots of animals, while the other two owners only had a handful of dogs.

She said the only real association between the four breeders was their neighbour status.

She said one of the property owners was part of the rural fire brigade and was at a job at the time the raids began.

"They were out on standby at our fire shed and then out fighting fires at Linville," Mrs Lindenburg said. "They came home to find the RSPCA going through draws and cupboards in their home.

"While they were fighting the fire they were calling their neighbour to ensure that the dogs received necessary care.

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"The RSPCA would not allow this person to leave their property to care for the dogs."

Despite raiding four properties and claiming to have found hundreds of animals, only 78 dogs were taken by the RSPCA from two of the properties.

Mrs Lindenburg claimed most of the animals "rescued" were puppies, mothers, or very old dogs with known health problems.

The seized dogs were all taken to the RSPCA veterinary hospital at Wacol.

"It's obvious that these dogs have been living in poor conditions and suffering for a long time," RSPCA Queensland chief veterinary officer, Anne Chester said.

"There have been significant concerns identified, including potentially harmful intestinal worm infestations, various behavioural issues that will require long term rehabilitation, and physical injuries and scars that need to be treated or documented."

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