Neighbours not happy with shelter

ANGRY neighbours of Happy Paws Haven have threatened to take out AVOs against the operation’s owner Sally Rogers and her volunteers.

The police involvement follows allegations of a Happy Paws volunteer entering the neighbour’s property and threatening them and their children.

Neighbours of the animal welfare organisation have become so concerned for their safety they do not want to be identified.

“I’ve got children going to school and I don’t want people knowing my name,” one said.

The man, who bought a property in Tindall Road, Eastonsville, near Happy Paws just after it began operation said the barking of the dogs from the property had made a good night’s sleep a distant memory.

“There was one time when Sally went away the dogs barked non-stop for 13 days,” he said.

“Most days I get up to go to my first job around 5am and I can hear Sally telling the dogs to settle.”

The conflict between the neighbours reached its lowest point last week when one neighbour said a Happy Paws volunteer knocked on her door and demanded to know her car registration number.

“She was so frightened she took the volunteer’s number and then called the police,” he said.

“She felt threatened and didn’t know what to do.”

Another neighbour said she moved out to Eatonsville 22 years ago to not have to deal with neighbours, however this problem is unlike any she had never encountered before.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore,” she said.

“I have done all of the right things. I have contacted council with every complaint and gone about it that way. It is not in me to fight dirty.”

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