The McClymonts are about to release the first single - named
The McClymonts are about to release the first single - named "I Got This" - off their upcoming album this Friday.

New kids, new music: McClymont sisters have ‘got this’

SAM McClymont is interrupted by one of her children wanting food as she talks about the balance Grafton’s famous sisters have found in their life.

It’s been three years since their last record Endless which was drawn from their experiences in the new phases of motherhood, and being happy, something they’re still enjoying today.

“We just keep having babies,” Sam laughed. “Every time we go to work on a new project, I think there’s been a baby every year since 2014. It was me who stuffed up the last project and got pregnant before Endless.”

This time it was sister Brooke’s turn, falling pregnant as they began work on their new album, the sixth full-length release for the trio.

“We’re just pushing through. It’s been too long since new music,” Sam said.

“The three years have flown, and we’ve been itching to get some new music out there.

“We’re so happy it’s finally here, and we’ll have new songs, a new album just in time to kick off a new tour.”

The first single from their upcoming album is aptly titled I Got This, and is due for release this Friday.

“We have young babies, young children and the fact that we try to do it all, and always travelling, trying to do multiple things at the one time,” Sam said.

“Somehow you just push through and you just do it — there are some days you don’t want to, but you tell yourself ‘I Got This’.”

Sam said the experience of becoming a mother for the three of them opened their eyes to what women could do.

“You realise how amazing women are; you can do it all,” she said.

“We are lucky; we have great people around us. Our families, our husbands, in-laws, you’ve got to have that, because when you don’t, it’s that much harder.

“We wanted to write something that encapsulates what we’re about — and a lot of people are going through that.”

The new song is an anthemic slice of country-pop, and Sam said it stood out after they had finished the recording process.

“It was something different, strong and positive,” she said. “Because we haven’t had music for three years we wanted to come out with something that was positive and say where we’ve been, what we’ve been doing and how we’re getting through it.”

The McClymont sisters Mollie, Samantha and Brooke in an Instagram post from on set filming the video clip for the first single
The McClymont sisters Mollie, Samantha and Brooke in an Instagram post from on set filming the video clip for the first single "I Got This" from their upcoming album. Photo: Instagram.

The new song and upcoming album was co-written with Andy Mak, who they co-wrote and produced Endless with, and Sam said they felt an affinity and trust working with him again.

“We loved working with him. He’s got a young family, so he gets it, you’re on the same page and understands you can’t come in today because you’ve got a sick kid,” she said.

“You need those people around you to make it work, and he’s so brilliant we could also leave a lot with him because we trust him.

“It just works, you take him a demo sometimes us with a guitar and he builds it to another level that we never imagined.

“He understands our sibling dynamic and we look forward to hearing things.”

Six albums later, Sam said the sibling dynamic was something that crossed over regularly into their work.

“It sometimes gets confusing, it’s like ‘Am I talking at you like my sister or are we working today?’,” she said.

“But we have that closeness and have that relationship that we can just come back together and be just as tight, and we understand what each other is going through; it might just be texting each other late at night, or calling and saying we’re putting the kids down to sleep and we’ll call in an hour. We all get it.

“It just works. We’re very lucky we can still be doing this after all these years.”

Sam describes the new album as being deliberately different from Endless, digging deeper into their own and others experiences to create a new narrative.

“We didn’t want to make another album the same … and although the sound of the album, our harmonies and vocals, we want to be growing and show how we grow and change,” she said.

“We did dig deeper, and we’re happy we did put the effort in.”

Sam said they had previewed some of the music to their audience last year.

“It was really nice feedback from them, and it was all so positive, people were recording it on their phones because they wanted the new music,” she said.

“We’ll probably play six or so songs off this album for the tour — it’s getting to choose which songs to play.

“With six albums and an EP, we don’t want to let people down either, especially when you feel bad when people say you didn’t play my favourite song.”

“But we’ll definitely have all the big singles with the new ones.”

The year won’t ease up, with the sisters embarking on a nationwide tour for the rest of the year to promote the new single and upcoming album, something Sam said they were grateful they were still able to do.

“We want to do this because we’ve made it work for our family,” she said.

“We feel lucky that people are still getting out to shows, and we’ll keep doing it as long as people want to hear our music.”

I Got This, the first single off the McClymont’s sixth studio album will be released on Friday, March 13 alongside a lyric video, with an official film clip to be released in the following weeks.

While the sisters won’t be playing Grafton this time round, for their tour details, visit for nearest shows.

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