New site to help score cheap private schooling

Mother sending son off to school at bus stop
Mother sending son off to school at bus stop Comstock

EVER considered lining up in front of a school to secure that treasured spot for your little darling?

Well for the eternally optimistic, or for those who put off the paperwork too long, a new option is coming.

Adapting the "last-minute" model used to score discount hotels, flights or even restaurant bookings, parents will now be able sneak a place at a prestigious private school through School Places.

There is no charge for School Places, although each school has its own unique costs


The new School Places website, soon to be rolled out to Queensland
The new School Places website, soon to be rolled out to Queensland


Already growing in Victoria and New South Wales, founder Jeremy Wein said Queensland schools would land on the site ahead of enrolments for 2015.

"We have had a number of inbound inquiries from schools in Queensland, which has prompted us to speed up our national expansions," Mr Wein said.

"We believe every school regardless of their geographic location can benefit enormously from partnering with school places."

He said regional Queensland private schools have already made contact, keen to be involved.

Parents choose the year level for their child, the year they want to enrol, then enter their region.

School Places spits out a bunch of options to consider, although each school will have different requirements, prices and conditions for enrolling.

Places are only offered for the upcoming year and the one following.

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