A screenshot of a fake news report about a new Coffs Harbour theme park.
A screenshot of a fake news report about a new Coffs Harbour theme park. Adam Hourigan

FAKE: New theme park for area "figment of imagination”

IF you were excited by the prospect of recent reports that Dreamworld owners Ardent Leisure were planning a new amusement park north of Coffs Harbour, we've got some bad news for you.

It's a fake.

An Ardent Leisure spokesperson confirmed to The Daily Examiner today that there were no plans for the reported theme park.

"It's purely a figment of the author's imagination," the spokesperson said.

"There's no truth to it, and we haven't spoken to anyone from any publications."

The fake report stated that the site was to be built on 12 acres nearly Gatley's Road at Korora, north of Coffs Harbour, with rollercoasters, a water park and a bowling centre.

It even provides "quotes" Ardent executive Leisure CEO Deborah Thomas and Big Banana managing director Michael Lockman on the subject.

The giveaway on the site that made the initial report suspicious is a small disclaimer on the bottom of the web page.

"Although some of the articles on this website may be based on fact ... (it) is a completely fictional publication - and so is everything we post," states the disclaimer.

Theme park website parkz.com.au showed some initial interest in their discussion about a new set of thrill-seeking rides, but they also proclaimed the idea to be fake news.

"12 acre theme park? Yeah that's a bit like building a helipad and calling it an airport," wrote one forum poster.

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