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Thumbs up thumbs down

New Yamba roundabout and unruly dogs get you talking

WE ASKED you to give us your likes and dislikes from this week, and plenty of you responded. Here’s what you gave your Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down to this week:

Anne Warburton: THUMBS DOWN to CVC for not having Lawrence park finished for the holidays nothing like part time workers working alternate days for about two hours to work on a small park looks finished but who knows.

(Ed’s note: Lawrence Memorial Park is expected to be open by the end of this week.)

Steph Tranter: THUMBS DOWN for putting a roundabout at the Ramba Rd/Treelands Drive intersection when there’s not enough room to have one!!! And worse still is the fact that they chose to tear up the road on a bloody long weekend when trucks, caravans and God knows what will be trying to get through. It should have been lights there! When it’s finished it’s going to slow the intersection down ridiculously because every one will have to go at snail pace around the round about that there’s no bloody room for. So huge thumbs down.


Naomi Elliott-Vanagas: THUMBS DOWN to the injustice occurring in the William Tyrell inquest. The leading investigator for most of the search has been denied the opportunity to provide evidence. This is a ludicrous decision by our legal system and a complete disrespect to William, his family, his caregivers and the Australian public

Jenny Cotten: THUMBS UP to the beautiful weather on the long weekend. Enjoyed the weekend at Lilydale with good company. THUMBS DOWN to the scum who left their rubbish littering Lilydale

Paula Clausen: THUMBS DOWN to the road changes for the new entrance to the new estate at Koolkhan. An accident waiting to happen there.

Gayle Kratz: THUMBS UP to Lindy and Mike Webb at Remember When Cottage. If you get the chance please support this wonderful cottage. Taking you back in time with such friendliness. Like visiting old friends. Highly recommend.

Corrina Brown: THUMBS DOWN to dog owners that won’t control their dogs! Excessive barking and attacking through fences is not only scary but makes it hard to enjoy the outdoors!

Johanna Tarrant: Not sure if it was this week but it’s great to see the road edges being fixed up and resurfaced in places. Much appreciated.

Ashleigh Lobley: THUMBS UP to Vicky at Vic’s Vintage Sewing for helping me save my daughters dress for a photo shoot

Thumbs up to Nicole at Nicole Cameron’s Photography for the beautiful photos she done for me on weekend

Leisa Moar: THUMBS UP to the first blooms of mauve!

Kez Bowers-Thomson: THUMBS UP Grafton Motor Group

Kathleen MC: THUMBS DOWN to unhygienic staff in food outlets. Twice in one week. One took her phone to the toilet with her then came out and sat it on food counter. Another has a bad habit of sticking her finger halfway down the coffee cup to pick it up then makes the coffee. The mind boggles at what goes on behind the scenes with food prep.

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