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Welcome back to a new year of APN's Newspapers in Education. 2013 promises to be yet another exciting and interesting year with special events, global concerns, technological advances and environmental issues on the agenda. Join us in using your local newspaper to find out what's happening in the world around us as we provide you with information, analysis and opinion about current affairs and curriculum-linked subjects.

The NiE program consists of an educational page published weekly throughout the school year. Each weekly NiE page published in your paper follows a similar format. The content of the NiE page will comprise of a set topic and a number of sections as seen on this page, designed in a consistent, useful and easy to read format. We promise a year of thought-provoking subjects, information and activities for all our readers to sink their teeth into when they use their local newspaper.

During the year APN's NiE program along with sponsors will also provide NiExtension. Each term there will be extra pages focusing on a special topic running over a five to ten day period.

In addition there is NiE Online supporting effective use of the newspaper in the classroom and at home. It offers another platform to access news and resources and gives you the opportunity to access information about the APN Newspapers in Education program. At this site you will find additional topic information and links, archived material, downloadable curriculum based task cards, a forum where students/ teachers/parents can have their say, links to relevant photo galleries and video clips and opportunities to enter competitions.

We wish you all the best for the year and hope when you use your local newspaper and the NiE program you will enjoy learning about some of the interesting topics and have fun doing the activities.

The NiE Team


1. Ita Buttrose

2. Tasmania

3. Victoria Azarenka, Novak Djokovic

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