Market stall ‘not given chance'

THE NIMBIN Environment Centre has returned fire at Iluka Markets licensee Paul Ryan after he called the centre "a bunch of militant greenies" in an email.

Despite Mr Ryan being adamant his markets were a private business and not a political or protest platform, the Daily Examiner is aware both Steve Cansdell and Janelle Saffin had previously held stalls at the markets.

Nimbin Environment Centre (NEC) secretary Alan Roberts provided the Daily Examiner with a copy of the centre's email request to hold a stall at the markets.

In Mr Roberts' email he explained the stall would have environmental information, posters, flags and Sea Shepherd support products, local hemp products including body lotion and lip balm, strings, rope and fabric.

Mr Roberts said as soon as the Nimbin Environment Centre (NEC) was mentioned Mr Ryan responded with "we're not interested", then a string of abuse.

"You have shown me why I will never give a shit about any of your causes," Mr Ryan wrote in re- sponse to the NEC's request.

"You are nothing but a bunch of spoilt brats who don't like no for a answer," Mr Ryan went on to say. "Well welcome to the real world.

"I am well within my rights to refuse entry as I run a private business, end of story.

"I don't run a community market, I run a private business that is governed by the dept of fair trading.

"Many before have tried and failed what makes you militant greenies any different lol."

Last Friday Clarence Valley council confirmed, as licensee, Mr Ryan had the right to refuse stall holders entry to the markets.

Mr Roberts said he never got a chance to explain what the environmental information was about to Mr Ryan.

In his email Mr Roberts said the NEC was "not as such a political organisation".

"We are a 'not for profit' group run entirely by a large number of volunteers," he wrote.

Clarence Valley council deputy general manager Rob Donges said he was aware of assets manager, George Kriflik's intention to put a recommendation before next month's council meeting banning political campaigning at markets on council-managed land.

The ban, if implemented, would not apply to elected members holding stalls to meet constituents.

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