Shaun Davison, Nat Sewell, Jen Harley and Josh Nagle.
Shaun Davison, Nat Sewell, Jen Harley and Josh Nagle.

No-fuss, no-gimmick gym

LOCAL man Shaun Davison followed his passion for health and fitness in November last year, establishing Hybrid Fitness Training, a no-fuss, no-gimmick training facility which can deliver astonishing results.

Hailing from a sporting background which includes working as a personal development coach for Country Rugby League, Mr Davison has built on his 10 years' experience in the fitness industry to develop a unique business dedicated to helping Clarence Valley residents improve and maintain their fitness and wellbeing.

"Hybrid Fitness Training is based on the important values of being healthy and having a good quality of life," Mr Davison said.

"It is not about going to the gym just to look good.

"At Hybrid we believe we are in the fitness industry for the right reasons. The staff are passionate about what we do, our reward is our members' achievements and we thrive on seeing people achieve what they initially never thought was even possible."

Mr Davison said Hybrid Fitness Training only implement training programs that will have a positive effect on people's health and fitness.

He added a person's fitness could determine their quality of life.

Mr Davison, along with his fellow directors at Hybrid Fitness Training, said when establishing the business, they searched for a name for their facility that they felt represented their own personal fitness philosophies and supported what they wanted to offer in a fitness centre for the Grafton community.

A facility that had a garage gym feeling but could achieve the best performance results for a mixture of people utilising a mixture of the most effective exercise methods and modalities. From this, Hybrid Fitness Training was born.

"Hybrid Fitness Training aims at improving the health and fitness of our members," he said.

"When a person has good health and has a positive wellbeing, that can affect a range of characteristics including better performance at work, higher and happier mood elevation and less inclined to feel pressured when under stress."

Hybrid Fitness Training caters to everyone who walks through the front door, whether they be looking to minimise their body fat, build muscles or improve their overall fitness.

Dr Davison said newcomers are always welcome to join, as long as they are willing to obey the one golden rule at the facility.

"Our number one gym rule is leave your ego at the door," he said.

"Just be motivated, always be respectful and encourage your fellow gym users, be ready to laugh, be prepared to work hard, laugh and laugh some more.

"We ask that people walk in prepared because we know they will walk out proud."

Mr Davison said Hybrid Fitness Training has more than 100 clients and the local feedback received since the gym opened last year has been "absolutely fantastic", he said.

Mr Davison refers to an Albert Einstein quote to reflect on what he sees in his members, "Most people see what is, and never see what can be".

"Hybrid is proud of what it is, and what its future holds.

"Hybrid will never claim to be the best, but it is something we are always striving for."

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