No roof over one's head

THREE and half weeks ago Robyn Carter and her partner, Ken, celebrated a new roof over their heads when they moved into a rental property in South Grafton.

Yesterday they spent the day cleaning up after part of that roof was ripped off during the storm on Sunday afternoon.

Robyn said it all happened within minutes.

As the storm intensified, the couple was running around closing doors and windows and trying to secure their belongings.

“But when I came into the lounge I saw it was raining inside,” Robyn said.

She said rain was pouring out of the ceiling onto the carpet, their leather lounge suite and her photo albums.

“Then I saw daylight through the window above the front door and said ‘oh my God, the roof’s gone’,” Robyn said.

“Then Ken yelled out, ‘it’s in the back yard’.”

Half of the roof had blown over the house onto the back lawn and some panels disappeared into the distance as the wind took hold.

Yesterday they still didn’t know where the rest of the roof had gone.

“When the roof came off it was like a thunder-suction sort of a noise,” Robyn said.

“It was very scary.”

The couple almost lost their shed too, where Robyn’s precious Commodore was parked.

Robyn said the shed had blown over and come to rest about one centimetre away from the car.

Yesterday their clean-up was going well with a tarpaulin covering the hole in the roof and electricity restored to most of the house.

Robyn said the worst part about the experience was losing some of her family photographs, which she said were irreplaceable.

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