Nominations open for Supa Oldies Soccer tournament

SUPA OLDIES SOCCER: It was very busy again at Rushforth Park last week with all teams active.

Shockers and Tyre Power Pros battled it out, with the latter coming out on top 5-3 with Amanda Daffy and Murray picked as best players.

Cartridge World lost to Hardas 2-4, with J. Austin and Colin Baxter getting the players of the match picks.

GPS No Class and Kaos entertained the referee no end with Kaos running away victors 6-4 with four players, K. Crispin, J. Grieve, B. Woodley and Nikki Martin, impressing.

The Blue Jays and the Old Guns played an entertaining game with the Blue Jays coming out on top 4-2 with Trish Winters and L. Russ picked as best players .

Asgardians lost to the Oddballs 5-3 in a game played in fun spirits. Nigel Davies in goal had some great saves for the Oddballs with the Davies duo and Jess Butler taking player honours.

First National and Reece Angry Birds played a great game with the ladies playing a big role whether they were keeping or shooting at goal. Player honours went to L. Warren , N. Green and A. Carrol.

Misfits beat Total Graffiti 3-0 after a scoreless first half, players of the match were Tony Simpson and Karen Joyce. Poles and Holes played South Services in a good friendly game with Kerry Skinner getting the match honour for some class saves to keep them in the game.

Hackers defeated Valley Signs 4-2 in a good spirited match in the heat with everyone getting involved. S. Bailey, Amanda Hayes and K. Brooklyn received match honours.

South High United beat the Couties 4-2, wearing them down slowly but surely like a sausage on a barbie. Match honours went to Terry Labour , Yuri Kurhmaganda and M. Blundett .

Wisdom and Action Mini Bus Hire played with Action short of players for which they paid losing 5-3. Best players were Crystal Mahwinney , Suzie Jonklaas and J. Adamson .

Saps scored from their only shots on goal to defeat Windmill Campers 2-0. Nicky Tate, Dave Towns and Renee Nilon were deemed best players.

Boral Bangers lost to the Road Runners 6-4. Andrew Bush, Yvonne Bowles were picked as best players.

Grafton Cup Carnival is on the March 5-6. Nominations close February 22, post entries to Grafton Supa Oldies Soccer P.O. Box 468, Grafton NSW, 2460.

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