Not such a swell time despite five metre waves

THE Clarence Coast revealed its wet and wild side yesterday.

With swells up to five metres running along the coast and southerly winds reaching upwards of 40 knots, beaches and seas in the region were all but deserted.

Commercial fishing vessels remained tied up at the wharves, recreational boaties stuck to the river, Clarence beaches were closed and only the keenest surfers entered the water.

Life guard Brent Sahlqvist was on duty at Main Beach in Yamba.

Brent said the beach was closed all day and he predicted it would probably be closed again today.

“The water's really brown and murky and there are a lot of sticks and logs floating around,” he said.

“But if people want to they can still come down and swim in the pool, which is still open.”

The swell has been forecast to drop off a little today, but remain high for the rest of the week.

Jackie Taffs from Wooli VRA said she hadn't heard of any boats leaving the Wooli River since conditions began deteriorating on the weekend.

On Saturday Jackie said two boats did cross the bar and venture outside, but after facing the conditions head on, quickly turned and came back in.

Only a handful of surfers paddled out to the main surfing breaks on the coast, while those in the know headed to beaches such as Whiting, where waves only broke during large swells.

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